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Ginibot is a scalable, modern and fully customizable bot developed for Startups, eCommerce, Small to Medium and Large Enterprises.

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AI Chatbot to Automate and excel in CXM

Attention live agents! Ginibot is the chatbot at your command and your 24/7 virtual agent first contact of your customer service! By building your support strategy, Ginibot's AI chatbot dramatically enhances customer satisfaction (CSAT), reduces customer churn , increases sales and drives revenue - while freeing up live agents for more productive tasks.

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Launch an AI chatbot fast

Ginibot has pre-built AI chatbots for few industries to get you started immediately. However, organizations that are interested to integrate Ginibot into their own internal software or any other third party API for optimum performance, can rely on Ginibot’s experienced developers to build and launch only in weeks. We built a powerful AI chatbot platform that is very user friendly, highly scaleable and made for CX professionals.

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Our AI chatbot is a smart CX platform

Ginibot's chatbot engages your customers in virtual conversations and automates a lot more than just FAQ's with personalized content in 184 languages. No more call waiting, No more ineffective emails.

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Increase your revenue with an AI-powered chatbot

Ginibot automation takes your business to a level where you gain respect with your customers and offers value beyond customer expectations and cost reduction by acting on your customer’s behavior to up-sell and cross sell. Ginibot is the reason to increase your revenue and reduce your call center’s cost and expenses.

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Ginibot is a multi-agent platform

Ginibot offers a collaborative environment for your team members in real time. Allow your team handle inbound conversations together.

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Rich content communications 

Create any conversational chat or flow based scenarios and incorporate images, videos, audio files, text files, and galleries in the best and fastest way possible.

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Built-in commerce to offer products via AI Chatbot

Index and carry out queries and requests from your clients taking part in direct conversations using Ginibot Store. No need to integrate other shopping carts. Ginibot’s store comes with PayPal, and Stripe payment gateways and can transact in blockchain based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

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Statistical data

Keep track of your team cooperation performance using your overview dashboard or gather fresh insights by means of conducted conversations.

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Turnkey Omnichannel Messaging Platform

Ginibot is a cloud-based marketing automation platform helping teams to provide customer service & commerce activities through web and mobile messaging including Facebook Messenger, What's App, Line, Instagram, Viber, Skype, Slack along with messaging on your brand's website or mobile app.

Ginibot Chatbot Sales Channels

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Introducing ginibot

What can Ginibot do for you?

Ginibot, an AI-powered conversation chatbot qualifies and converts your online visitors into customers by engaging them in a smart conversation rather than filling boring forms.

Boost Sales

"Gini" is very smart. She remembers customer preferences and uses order history to suggest products on the fly. She learns from customer responses within the conversation and to the products advertised and cross-sells effectively.

Higher Conversions

"Gini" is very friendly, can assume the character reflecting your business and ask the necessary and related questions, persuade your customers and generate leads for you. Our AI-powered chatbot ("Gini" bot) technology ensures the flow is in the right direction to get higher conversion rates.

Impress Customers

Impress your online customers using smart and custom interactive templates in a conversational way, in their own native language.

Save on Acquisition

Ginibot ("Gini"), our AI-powered chat bot requires 0% human involvement. Make every dollar in your advertising spent count by engaging each visitor.

Be online 24/7

With Ginibot you are available at all times, and opportunities of collecting leads will never pass by unattended.

Fast Onboarding

Ginibot deploys quickly on your website just by entering your website URL and you are ready start reaping the benefits right away. No time is wasted on training or teaching employees.

Changeover conversation from bot to human

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